Love Complications

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I have seen so many posts on here about social justice and equality, and honestly half of the content makes me extremely angry. I find it supremely wrong to categorize any type of people in any negative way. People are who they are and should be able to express themselves openly, but some need to learn where the line is of their thoughts and others. People do not always agree, and it doesn’t need to become a huge debate. Accept that that is their beliefs or feelings, even if they are not yours, and move on. That one person is not going to destroy the world with their beliefs. And honestly you creating an internet fight isn’t going to change anything either. As for the whole how one dresses situation: if you dress a certain way you will be perceived a certain way. It’s a simple truth. Do you wear sweats to a job interview? No. Because it sets an impression. If you are ok with knowing how people will perceive you and you feel hot; more power to you, but both men and women will be judge on what they are (or are not) wearing in some way by every person they encounter. In connection rape is never ok for any gender no matter what the person is wearing, and one can never be blamed for that occurring to them. There is a difference between prejudice and discrimination that people need to learn. It is not ok to discriminate against any person based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or age. Your actions are what define you not your private thoughts. No one wants to hear your hate speech, so keep it to yourself. People need to stop being so sensitive and take responsibility for themselves. End rant.

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